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Is it Possible to Build Muscle With TRX Suspension Training?

TRX, also known as total resistance exercise, is a suspension trainer equipment that allows people to have fun, challenging, and efficient workouts at home, outside, and on the road.

The question is, can you honestly expect to build muscle with TRX, or is traditional gym training still the best way to achieve that goal?

Let’s review.

Is it Possible to Build Muscle With TRX Suspension Training?
Is it Possible to Build Muscle With TRX Suspension Training?


Yes, it’s entirely possible to build muscle with TRX suspension training, and it all ties in with a fundamental hypertrophy law:

Your muscles don’t care what you’re doing. They only care about the resistance they must overcome to complete a specific task. It is important to perform exercises that challenge your muscles and progressively increase the intensity of your workouts over time.

Whether you’re lifting a barbell in the gym, doing manual labor, or performing exercises with TRX, muscle growth will occur so long as the training stimulus is strong enough.


1. It Offers a Good Stimulus

The most obvious reason why TRX is good for muscle growth is that it provides a solid training stimulus. By consistently challenging your muscles with new exercises and increasing the resistance over time, you can stimulate muscle growth and see improvements in muscle tone and definition.

While it may look easy, TRX allows you to have challenging workouts by leveraging your body weight. You can further increase the difficulty by tweaking the range of motion and your body’s position.

For example, a more upright body during inverted rows makes the exercise more beginner-friendly. In contrast, being more horizontal forces you to pull a greater percentage of your body weight.

On that note:

2. The Overloading Potential is Excellent

People often discount bodyweight exercises because they see them as limited in terms of the stimulus they provide. For example, most people would agree that push-ups are only good for beginners because they get easy after a while.

However, the beauty of TRX is that trainees can tweak exercises and pick from many variations to fit their current abilities.

Trainees can apply the same rule to other movements, like the inverted row example discussed above. For instance, you can perform chest presses with an almost upright body at first but gradually lean forward as you gain strength.

Doing so would make the movement more challenging.

3. You Can Pick From Plenty of Exercises

Another thing that makes TRX highly beneficial for muscle growth is that trainees can pick from dozens, if not hundreds, of effective exercises and variations to train all the major muscles in the body from several angles.

4. It Allows for Efficient Training

The final notable benefit of TRX concerning muscle growth is that it pairs multiple muscle groups. As a result, you can provide a strong stimulus and create adequate mechanical tension, which is a crucial factor for hypertrophy.

If anything, TRX suspension training allows for more efficient muscle-building workouts. Instead of doing multiple exercises to train several major muscles, you can do as few as three to four activities and work out your entire body.

Final Words

TRX suspension training is a versatile and highly effective way to provide the necessary stimulus for muscle growth.

You can pick from many effective movements to work out all the major muscle groups, tweak each movement to increase or decrease the difficulty and train your entire body with just a handful of activities.

Plus, given the freedom TRX provides, you can build muscle at home and on the road without needing a gym.


Important note: nutrition plays a key role in building muscle. To maximize the benefits of TRX Suspension Training, it's important to fuel your body with a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients for muscle growth and recovery.

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